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Ever Considered Going Solar?
Interested in solar power? Just by calling for information, Ovanova will donate $100 to ERI. Visit the link below, fill out the form, and Ovanova will call you to chat! No purchase, no obligations!! Just a friendly chat with solar enthusiasts!


How Ovanova Works
Ovanova makes going solar so easy!
​All you have to do is fill the form below to send Ovanova some easy to find information about your home energy use, roof shape, and location. A solar education partner will contact you to review this information and guide you through the solar exploration process. Everything is done via phone and electronically - your personal information is always protected. Ovanova does the shopping for you and returns the top offers.

A Benefit for you and ERI
Simply fill out the proposal
Ovanova will donate $100 to ERI (with no obligation for you to move forward).

Contact Information


About Earth Rights Institute

The Earth is the birthright of all people

Earth Rights Institute (ERI) is designed to be an equilateral knowledge platform, where local people collaborate with academics and development professionals, both local and foreign, by exchanging skills, experiences, and knowledge to solve crucial development issues such as widespread poverty, land right disputes and environmental degradation.

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