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Itsodi Project and Ecovillage

The Itsodi Project is establishing the Women’s International Living Library (WILL) - Women and Children's Refuge. By working closely with School Of Living and ERI, Co-Founders Flordeliza Perrenoud and Courtney Dowe ( ERI board member ), will offer marginalized women and children who are inexperienced in living a sustainable land-based lifestyle the opportunity to learn how to live more harmoniously with the Earth.


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A Land Trust Refuge For Women And Children

Women are sharing their personal stories like never before and the world needs a place to keep them all. Co-Founders Courtney Dowe and Flordeliza Perrenoud, both Washington DC-based artists, are spearheading the creation of such a place, both in cyberspace and on a beautiful 67-acre land trust in western Virginia. The Women’s International Living Library (WILL) will be an archive for the stories of the women of the world. Through online and in-person WILL forums, all women everywhere are encouraged and supported in sharing their personal narratives.

WILL is joining forces with Earth Rights Institute, a registered non-profit organization, to establish “Itsodi, a School Of Living community land trust and WILL’s future eco-village. The eco-village will serve as the headquarters for WILL and as a refuge for marginalized women and children. This includes, but is not limited to, people of African Descent, Indigenous people, and practitioners of Falun Gong.

Anyone interested in contributing to the WILL archive is encouraged to visit our Itsodi Land Trust Facebook Page




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