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Our Co-Executive Director, Annie de la Bouillerie Goeke, is now an ambassador for the REDES - Network for Ecovillage Emergence and Development in the Sahel, Senegal.  Earth Rights Institute considers this as one of the best models for development and education available to promote.  It is a system that is an integral part of our mission and is what we believe is our main guideline as an organization addressing poverty, climate change and sustainability.

REDES is committed to playing an active part in bringing relevant solutions to the complex environmental and socio-economic challenges that communities in the region are facing in their daily lives. The ecovillages are traditional communities consciously organized through locally owned participatory processes in social, cultural, ecological and economical areas to regenerate the environment and living conditions. REDES works with and for Sahel communities to regenerate degraded ecosystems. It promotes biodynamic farming and best forestry practices to create abundance for the populations and reduce poverty. Permaculture projects for women in rural areas help preserve existing community orchards and are combined with food processing workshops to generate income and better diets for families during long dry seasons. With the support of its partners, REDES is building classrooms in rural areas and developing an eco-school program. In addition to other projects, REDES is now engaged in creating an ecovillage hub of 35 villages in the river valley of Senegal and Mauritania.
In collaboration with ERI’s Living Labs program, REDES International Service Learning Programs bring together International and local University students, eco-design educators, researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders to support integrated community-led, ecological, social and cultural initiatives in the Sahel Region. The programs are designed to meet diverse interests, academic goals and local sustainable development objectives. Through a coherent combination of interactive lectures, hands-on field work, and various cultural experiences, participants collaborate in the design and implementation of grassroots community projects. Our programs allow participants to develop a much deeper understanding of the interactions between global politics and local social dynamics, current environmental issues and alternative development models.
Get involved in these incredible programs with our partners in Senegal! For more information, see brochure and visit the REDES website at:
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